Electrician Advice

What are some electrical safety rules (Electrician Advice)?

We use multiple electrical appliances in our daily life. No, doubt, these have made life more comfortable. But you should be very careful in their use. Any negligence can cause severe damage. It may also result in some irreparable harm. Therefore, you should take special care in this regard. We have come up with some practical and helpful electrician advice. 

Follow the below-mentioned electrical safety rules in your home. It will keep you safe and free from trouble.


You should be careful in operating electrical machines in your home.  There are a few standard safety tips that you should always keep in mind.

  1. Purchase the appliances that are duly approved by some renowned consumer laboratory.
  2. Unplug the devices when you are not using them. 
  3. Heat generating appliances should be placed carefully to ensure proper air circulation. It will keep them cool. 
  4. Moreover, you should avoid putting any toys or other stuff around devices like television, computer monitors, and electric clocks as they produce heat.
  5. Don’t try any amateur upgrades or repairs for your appliances.
  6. Read the given instructions given with the devices. Follow them and careful in using the device.
  7. Furthermore, all the electrical appliances should be kept away from wet places.
  8. Keep all the combustible material far away from heat sources. Some common heat sources include heating vents, radiators and heat sources.
  9. Similarly, you should not operate any electrical device with wet hands.


All the electrical devices have cables. Additionally, many people use extension cords. These are used to extend the availability of outlets to be used. Here are some helpful tips to keep the goods safe and good working condition.

  1. Most importantly, you should check the cords every now and then.
  2. Make sure there are no kinks and cracks.
  3. Keep the chords away from the reach of young children.
  4. Besides, you should use them only for their intended purpose.
  5. Make sure that all the cords are properly plugged. Change the outlet which is loose.
  6. Never make use of nails or stapler to keep the cable in position. However, you can use tape.
  7. Minimize the use of extension cords.
  8. Besides, you should never try to modify any plug of cable.
  9. Lastly, when you need to unplug the cord after use, do it near the outlet.


The secure use of electrical outlets is essential to prevent any fire or short circuits. Below are some of the useful tips to keep the outlets safe.

  1. Firstly, block the outlets that are not in use.
  2. Never overload outlets by using many adaptors.
  3. Use only the plug of suitable size for every outlet.
  4. Furthermore, keep all the wires and cords fully covered. You can use secure plates for this purpose.

Light Bulbs

There are multiple light bulbs in every house. As for everything else, it is also crucial to ensure their safe usage. Here is some electrical advice for keeping the light bulbs safe.

  1. To prevent the over-heating of a fixture, use the bulbs with appropriate wattage.
  2. Prefer to use energy efficient fluorescent bulbs that work at a lower level of wattage.
  3. Besides, a loose bulb can result in shots and sparks. Check that all that bulbs are tightly screwed.


Any carelessness in the use of electrical equipment can result in severe consequences. You should be very careful in using these devices. All these tips will help you to keep yourself and your family safe.