Xrait aims to make your place perfect regarding looks and security. From minor electrical repairs to installation of new surveillance systems we offer a whole range of services. Besides, we also work to enhance the visual appeal of your place and offer remodeling services. 

We have a team of dedicated and expert technicians that have vast experience in relevant fields which make them best for the job. 


Renovation Services

Handyman Service


Our skillful electricians are trained to install the ceiling fans correctly. Besides, we also offer quick and safe installation of programmable timers, dimmers, and smoke detectors along with providing secure connections for motion detectors at outdoor lighting, garage area and other places of your choice.


Leakage of pipes can be very troubling, and this problem needs to be addressed as soon as possible. No matter how big or small the job is, our staff would provide the best solutions possible. If the damaged pipes cannot be repaired, we also offer replacement services. Our plumbing services include toilet replacement, faucet repair, and pipe insulation etc.


Fresh paint can renew the look of your place instantly. We offer paint services for both the indoor and outdoor locations. The professionals work with special attention to detail and give perfect finishing to deliver excellent end results.

Security Service

Surveillance System

We know how important it is to maintain the security of your place. To ensure enhanced safety, we also offer installation and repair service for Surveillance Systems. Whether you need to get the security cameras repaired or you want to upgrade the Surveillance system of your place, we have got you covered.